A Bit of Luxury with Darling Diva Candles

A Bit of Luxury with Darling Diva Candles

Hello lovelies and welcome back to LOVE HAYLEY BETH! I was recently the lucky recipient of a lovely package from an ace UK based candle company! The parcel was indeed from the lovely Tori at Darling Diva Luxury Candles!

Darling Diva Luxury Candles

Tori started Darling Diva Candles to create candles that are fit for a princess yet won’t break the bank! All the ingredients are sourced from the UK which makes them that much better! Tori wanted to produce candles that you wouldn’t we scared to light!

What I Was Sent

Like I said before Tori was lovely enough to send me some goodies for me to share with you guys! Although I was sent the items featured in this post my opinions will always be honest!

Prosecco and Berry Candle

I was super excited when I saw this item! Packaged absolutely beautifully in a white box and blue ribbon! It really did feel like I had luxury in my hands! This candle also came with a rose gold lid to keep the candle clean when you aren’t burning it! The scent that I was sent is Prosecco and Berry.

Initially, you can spell the fizz but when you light the wood wick the berry scent definitely overpowers that fizz. Now, this might just be the west country girl inside me speaking but I found the scent very similar to that of Strongbow Dark Fruits! Now, this is no way to be seen as a bad thing! In fact, it was a scent that I love! It brings back memories of sitting with friends and laughing in the sunshine!

The only downside to this candle is that when the wax resets it did so in a way that was rather unattractive. It looked wrinkled and is why I have not taken a photo of it half used! This candle is £30.00.

Oil Burner

Collecting oil burners seems to be another obsession of mine! This one is a little different to my other ones! This one is actually heart shaped! This again was packaged lovely in a cellophane wrap! I was a little worried about how easy it would be to clean and take old bits of wax out. Turns out the heart shape actually makes it easier to clean! This oil burner is £10.00

Slumber Party Wax Melts

Now I will not lie to you I was seriously dubious when I received these wax melts as they are a lavender scent. I hate lavender! To me, it is a very old lady scent and the only person I knew who liked it was Cameron! But luckily these wax melts use french lavender fragrance which is a more relaxing or soothing scent!

I had been struggling to sleep recently so I thought I would pop it in before bed and see if it did any good! Well the results are in, and I had the best nights sleep ever! This is definitely a scent that I will be looking to purchase in the future! These wax melts are £8.50 for a pack of four.

BFF Wax Melts

When I initially gave these wax melts a sniff I fell in love! They had many similar notes to some of my favourite perfumes! The Oriental florals were really shining through. When burning them it took a little while for the fragrance to come through. But when they finally did they produced a scent that is perfect for spring. It isn’t an in your face floral affair, instead, it is subtle yet constant. A great scent to have when you are busy at work! These Wax melts are again £8.50 for a pack of four.

Overal these are some fantastic items! I love that the candle brings back so many happy memories, and I will definitely be burning it whenever I need a pick me up!

If you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned in the post I have some exciting news for you! Until the end of August 2018, you will get discount on all candles, wax melts and the oil burner! Just for you, the Candles will be £25.00, the wax melts £7.00 and the oil burner just £6.00. All you have to do is contact Tori using the contact form letting her know what items you would like to order and she will set up a PayPal invoice for you! Just make sure to put LOVE HAYLEY BETH as the subject!

Let me know what your favourite item in this post is and if you do order anything off the website be sure to let me know!

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