A Birthday Harry Potter Haul

A Birthday Harry Potter Haul

Am I milking the fact it was my birthday yet? Nah, It’s only the second post! As you may have guessed from the title of this post I may have gone shopping! For the last couple of months, I have been saving up to be able to buy some more Harry Potter merchandise! For this shopping trip, I travelled down to Bristol for a fun day out with the bestie and fellow nerd!

What did I buy?

First stop after lunch (read more about lunch here) was Menkind. As luck would have it they had a sale on!

Fairy Lights

They didn’t have a whole lot but what they did have were Hogwarts fairy lights! If you read my Birthday Wishlist post you will know that I was looking to get some fairy lights for my birthday! As I said previously the store had a sale on so these lights were £6.97 down from £11.99. I chose to hang them off the headboard of my bed! I just adore the warm atmosphere they create!


The next place we went was Forbidden Planet! This store, in particular, was the main reason for visiting Bristol! It had been about a year since I had last visited and I had forgotten how much I loved looking at all the beautiful items it held!

Niffler Trinket Tray

Before visiting the store I had a look at the website to see what items they had at the moment. Like the terrible blogger I am, I have a slight obsession with buying trinket dishes so this item was kind of a must! It was also the first thing I picked up in the store! This item was £14.99

Hufflepuff Crest Bookmark

Next up is this gorgeous bookmark! It is also my first item from the Noble Collection. This was another item I had seen on their website! Now to decide if I use it or if I keep it displayed in its box! This item was £9.99

Muggle Studies Notebook

I quite simply cannot walk past a beautiful notebook without making it mine! I also think that Muggle Studies would be one of my favourite subjects had I ever attended Hogwarts! This notebook was £11.99

Pensieve Memory Set

This is an item that I have been wanting for a while now! It is also an item that Cameron was going to buy me for Christmas, but I had abandoned all thoughts of using my journal at that point! I love that the notebook itself is filled with movie quotes. Although I will probably never write in the journal I love the idea of it! It also looks pretty stunning on my shelves! This set was £23.99

Quidditch Set

This is an item I have been seeing about quite a lot recently and was unsure if it would make it into my collection. But ultimately it ended up on top of the pile of goodies I was carrying around with me! All I need now is an open Golden Snitch to sit with this set! This set was £20.00

Mystery Foam Keyring

I was hoping to pick up one of the Mystery Pop Mini Keyrings that Parris got me in my Blogger Box Swap but they didn’t seem to have any. Instead, I picked up an interesting foam keyring pack instead! Mine was the Hogwarts Express which I was super happy to receive! This was the cheapest item of my shopping trip at just £4.99


Overall I am super happy with the goodies I have picked up and can’t wait to visit again in a few months to buy myself some more goodies! I would also like to say a massive thank you to Cameron for coming with me and spending time with me over my birthday, it really did mean the world to me! I’m sorry but I have the best friend ever!!!!

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